…customize your bike and ride your own style!

True to the motto “… inspired by moto 2!” we offer you a perfectly shaped fairing since 2021, with which you can let your artistic vein for your own Design run completely free. Design your Triumph according to your preferences & ideas and make your bike a real eye-catcher for your individual TRIUMPH Racing!

… inspired by moto 2!

Bringing the idea of moto2 into hobby racing for you has been our vision since the beginning. Feel free checking out our products in the shop – you’ll not just find fairings here.

#m2s R A C E fairing (gen3)

  For OEM Bikes

[Daytona & Street Triple 2006 till today]

universally applicable fairing specially developed for stock bikes

  • fits all Triumph Daytona models from 2006 onwards, most Street Triple models and the 765 series
  • designed explicitly according to the KALEX model from the moto2 world championship
  • high quality GRP mash fibers or Carbon for optimal race track use
  • developed with focus on fitting accuracy


  no adjustments to the stock bike necessary

  Street Triple should use lower steering bars

developed and produced in Germany


  all parts available seperately!

  colour gel-coat: white! 

  worldwide shipping!

But that’s not enough: besides our fairings you can also get special parts for your favourite piece. From useful gimmicks to performance enhancing KIT parts, everything is available to give a new meaning to the TRIUMPH Racing.

#m2s T E C H parts

…to improve your Race-Bike with tailor-made Kit-Parts!

  • take advantage of our kit parts
  • consistent conversion and further development of your machine
  • extended comfort and functionality in racing use


developed and tested with know-how from the EWC (Endurance World Championship) and BSB


  further developments and new parts permanently in progress – gladly also with your suggestions!

  offers brand-independent products also! 

  worldwide shipping!

We are constantly working on further products and individual solutions. Whereby we are inspired by the championships of this world. However, we are not only interested in pure progress, perfection and passion are much more important in order to make the idea of racing even more intense for you!

If you also have suggestions for smart extensions, please feel free to contact us at any time and let us know if you have any questions about our products. You can use the following contact form for this…

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