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  developed and produced in Germany 

  no adjustments to the OEM bike necessary 

  Street Triples should use lower steering bars 


All parts available separately!

Constantly improved by inhouse development – see IMPROVEMENTS below in “additional information”

This shop item contains the kit including the mask, clock bracket, side panels, belly pan, the windshield, air intake and any bracket required!

Colour: white (gel coat)

! Screws are not included !

! The required clock bracket is included !

note: rear fairing and tank cover have to be ordered separately 

see button “Brochure & Instructions” on webpage moto2conversions.com for installation guide


Delivery time: lead time approx. 3 to 4 weeks due to massive demand



universally applicable fairing specially developed for stock bikes incl. block bracket


  fits all Triumph Daytona models from 2006 onwards, Street Triple models and the complete 765 series
  due to the enlarged air intake, we recommend to set up the bike on a dyno for an adapted injection performance
  designed explicitly according to the KALEX model from the moto2 world championship
  fairing in regular GRP material
  air intake out of carbon
  clock bracket included

  developed and produced in Germany with focus on fitting accuracy and surface finish
  delivered with rubber plugs for fast release of liquids (according to FIM regulations)


carenado de aplicación universal desarrollado especialmente para bicicletas de serie, incluido el soporte de bloque


  se adapta a todos los modelos Triumph Daytona a partir de 2006, de los modelos Street Triple y a la serie 765
  diseñado explícitamente según el modelo KALEX del campeonato mundial de moto2
  debido al aumento de la entrada de aire, recomendamos montar la moto en un banco de pruebas para una inyección adaptada.
  carenado en material GRP
  entrada de aire an carbon
  soporte de reloj incluido

  desarrollado y producido en Alemania, con especial atención a la precisión de ajuste y el acabado de la superficie
  se suministran con tapones de goma para una rápida evacuación de líquidos (de acuerdo con la normativa de la FIM)


eine Verkleidung, die speziell für serienmäßige Motorräder entwickelt wurde inkl. Verkleidungshalter


  Passend für alle Triumph-Daytona-Modelle ab 2006, StreetTriple-Modelle und der vollständigen 765er Serie
  aufgrund des vergrößerten Lufteinlasses empfehlen wir eine Abstimmung des Motorrads für eine angepasste Einspritzleistung
  Explizit nach Vorbild KALEX aus moto2-Weltmeisterschaft entworfen
  Verkleidung in
  Lufteinlass in Carbon
  Instrumentenhalter inklusive

  Entwickelt mit Fokus auf Passgenauigkeit und Oberflächenfinish
  Lieferung mit Gummistopfen zum schnellen Ablassen von Flüssigkeiten (gemäß FIM-Reglement)

Additional information

Weight 7 kg

1) improved aerodynamics (less turbulences)
2) improved air exchange preventing heat spot arround muffler area (2013+)
3) improved bracket system for windshield (performance vs. riders height)
4) adjusted design for lower fairing to foster moto2 impression

5) increased durability for wind shield brackets
6) new developed brackets for increased fitting for the Street Triple 765
7) improved belly for the SC-Project full exhaust system
8) improved side panels for easier heat release from the engine
9) reduced weight on the fairing kit
10) implemented aramid layers for improved stability of the fitting spots
11) intakes are delivered in carbon for a great cockpit design

12) increased number of layers for improved stability & better durability without affecting the price
13) improved fitting of intake for motoholders fairing stay
14) added shaded wind screen basic with small bubble
15) fairing stays especially for the #moto2style fairing kit now availabe

brackets & spacer

all required brackets are included with your given configuration
spacer for mask allocation require a maximum torque of 8Nm to tighten the mask – these parts are also designed as a predetermined breaking point in order to secure the clock brakcet and the fairing itself in case of a crash

exhaust system

OEM exhaust can be used
(we suggest to cover the rear inner side of the belly fairing to prevent the material from heat damage due to the massive OEM-muffler)

Using an OEM exhaust requires to adjust the lower fairing accordingly to a pre-allocated cut

air intake

Significantly enlarged air intake compared to the Triumph Daytona OEM model from 2006 to 2012 (approx. 150%) …ideal in combination with our kit intake funnels.
Flap installed in the OEM air intake must be removed on models up to 2012 Daytona (only noise-reducing function).

We recommend that the engine is tuned a little richer than usual. This recommendation comes from the fact that in racing an engine is tuned richer anyway to optimise engine cooling. In combination with the larger air intake, this is definitely a connection to be taken seriously.

clock bracket

The required clock bracket will be included automatically with the configuration of this article.

side stand

OEM side stand can be used

steering stop

steering stops recommended; not required

coolant expansion tank

Street Triples & Daytona gen1 (2006 – 2009) and gen2 (2008 – 2012) do not require adjustments; Daytona gen3 and gen4 require an after sales expansion tank behind the radiator (delivered ex-works)

engine visible

open sides to improve temperature management – alternator; especially for gen1 and gen2 bikes

seperate orders

find any single part of the fairing under: m² RACE fairing – parts


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