‘TRS’ Linear Suspension Link

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Linear Suspension Link


   not for road use   



 linear suspension link to replace the OEM dog bone and triangle plate set-up
transforms the harsh ride you get with the standard system into a smoother action and smoother ride


  increases edge grip
  reduces tire wear
  adjustments to the shock suggested


enlace de suspensión lineal para reemplazar el hueso de perro OEM y la configuración de la placa triangular
transforma el duro viaje que se obtiene con el sistema estándar en una acción más suave y un viaje más suave


  aumenta el edge grip
  reduce el desgaste de los neumáticos
  ajustes del amortiguador sugeridos


lineare Umlenkung als Ersatz für die OEM-Knochen- und Dreiecksplattenanordnung
harte und nicht lineare Belastungen aus der OEM-Umlenkung werden linearisiert und in moderate Belastungen umgewandelt


  erhöht die Traktion und den Edge-Grip
  reduziert Reifenverschleiß
  Anpassungen des Federbeins empfohlen

Additional information

Weight 0,75 kg
Daytona & Street Triple until 2016

10mm longer spring on the TTX (675R) rear shock – puts the link in a wider range of travel.
Adjustable to allow riders to quickly change the rear ride height
Parts are machine from high grade aluminium and then hard anodized for a tough long lasting finish
Comes with everything you need to do a straight swap and is pre-set to avoid any confusion on installation (incl. instruction for installation and set-up)

Street Triple 2017-2023

Used in BSB (British Superbikes) and has a true 2-1 ratio and a rising rate of 9,5.
10Nm less then compared to your OEM setup and an adjustment of the damping (slower) is suggested on this link.
Use the OEM screws and the rubber inlets of you original bone.


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